Hecksher Partners Launches NexGen360.io

Hecksher Partners has launched NexGen360.io, a new global fund solution designed to fit the new reality of the fully outsourced model for asset managers. 

NexGen360.io is designed to deliver efficiencies and cost savings while providing a next generation 360 degree full solution suite of services.

NexGen360.io provides seasoned senior executive knowledge to clients on a fractional basis through an Outsourced C-Suite panel covering: COO, CCO, CFO, GRO and GMO covering operations, finance, compliance, risk management and marketing. In addition, through a ring-fenced marketplace and partners Hecksher Partners says NexGen360.io can deliver complete bespoke services and technology solutions at a fraction of the usual cost.

Over the past 25 years, Hecksher Partners CEO and Founder Thalius Hecksher has been deeply involved in the global funds arena, leading firms in their growth such as Apex Fund Services, Trident Trust Group, Linedata, Thomson Financial and Reuters.

“Our team are firm believers of “challenging the status quo” seeking more optimal solutions that deliver significantly better results for the asset manager in a shorter and more cost- effective time frame,” says Hecksher. “Imagine compressing 600 hours of discovery into a handful of hours and reducing degrees of separation of knowledge from six to one. Over the years we have seen a thing or two and the opportunity to be disruptive in the market sector by opening up new avenues and ways of building, optimising and growing funds.

“We set out to help our clients future proof their business models utilising AI, new technologies, and more efficient workflows which lead to a reduction in the expense ratio, increased responsive times, reduced bureaucracy, and the ability to fully optimise the virtual workplace with the agility to pivot to adapt to market conditions.

“2020 delivered a new paradigm shift in how we work together in a co-location environment and access to our extraordinary caliber of talent pool opened up “global access” to local knowledge. We build each client team based on their idiosyncratic needs  And build a best-of-breed team for the task at hand.

“At NexGen360 our goal is to help our clients: build, optimize and grow, through our 3 delivery pillars – Knowledge, Network and Solutions.”

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