Outsourced C Suite Solution

Build your customized team

Out performing C-Suite executives to support your growth ambition, our team is driven to help achieve your goals with our deep expertise and knowledge.

Outsourced Chief Operating Officer

An outsourced COO solution can deliver an independent cost-effective solution to your accounting and operational needs. One of the biggest challenges for funds and managers when launching and running a fund is having to focus on the non-investment aspect of the business. Cost savings can range from 40% to 60%.

How we help:

We manage all Operational aspects.

Negotiating, finalizing and manage counterpart relationships.

Cover full trade support 

Position and P/L reporting

All trade reconciliations.
Risk Management and support.

Full management of policies and procedures and filings

Optimize software and technology

Compliance and Regulatory Filings

Operational Optimization – save you money

Workflows and Accountability

Post trade

Exceptions Processing

Transaction cost analysis

And many more of the critical day to day functions of running as successful fund

Outsourced Group Marketing Officer

An outsourced GMO solution can deliver an independent cost-effective solution to your business development and marketing needs. We often hear of the CIO wearing the player manager hat. We believe that focus on core competencies are key. A Group Marketing Officer is now at the forefront.

How we help:

We focus on the responsibility creation and managing a plan of driving sustainable profitable growth

Identify, qualify prospective targets

Build a CRM around the life cycle management and investor experience

Our Process is to think like an “investors” align your firm to investor centricity.

Be the voice and champion story teller of your organization

Build a program around marketing technology, Data Analytics and AI ” Martech”

Drive marketing innovation

Do more for less spend and save time

Extra ordinary Asset management Companies allocate significantly to their marketing efforts

“ABC” Always be closing

We can help


Outsourced Chief Compliance Officer

Our team of outsourced Chief Compliance Officers play a vital role in your Asset Management company. We provide you with an institutional blueprint to build, optimize and grow your business cost efficiently. Are you prepared to navigate the complex requirements?

How we help:

Producing Compliance Procedures, policies, and manuals

Meet with Compliance and Regulatory deadlines

Manage SEC Audits

Test and Monitor Processes

Test system failures                      

Rollout Cyber Security mandate

Work from Home policy

Risk Assessments

Disclosure review

Gain accurate insights and robust solutions.

Demonstrating compliance oversight is a necessity and vital to the growth of the fund. An outsourced CCO solution delivers an independent cost-effective solution resulting in a direct positive impact on your management company.

Outsourced Chief Financial Officer

The CFO has a key responsibility for the financial operations of an asset or investment manager as it plays a crucial role in any organization. The CFO presents financial data of an organization, handles the current finances, and offers forecasts and support for future financial decisions. The CFO is responsible for the financial health of your management company. In today’s regulatory environment, the CFO is also critical for ensuring compliance with various regulatory standards.

How we help:

We manage all Financial aspects

Financial reporting and accounting for the management company and general partner

Financial reporting and communication of results to investors.

Evaluate investment strategies & opportunities.

Review monthly, financial statements as prepared by the administrator.

Review dividend distribution schedule and calculation of the advisory fee process

Attend and Present at all Board and Committee meetings

We add credibility to the management team by attending capital raising meetings.

The world of investing is more complex, competitive and challenging than ever.

Get to know us and how we can help you accelerate your fund platform.

Outsourced Chief Investment Officer

Our team of seasoned Chief Investment Officers help analyze the portfolio requirements and determine the best investment strategies to fit the investment and risk profile.

How we help:

We provide expert knowledge on investment and financial activities

We create customized investment portfolios

Our team offers diversity in the portfolio construction

Reviews the performance of the portfolios and prepares detailed financial reports

Interfaces with the Investment Committee

Reviews changes in the investment policies.

Maintains knowledge on market securities and portfolio management

Manages new hires into the firm and educates on the investment philosophy

Chief Risk Officer

At NexGen 360, our team of Chief Risk Officers are an integral component of your asset management business In more recent times Risk Governance has emerged as a key topic in the Asset management arena You have to evaluate and strengthen risk governance as a key differentiator. We seek to identify and resolve risk weaknesses and keep you ahead of the curve.

How we help:

We offer a consultative approach rather than control role

Our team can identify under appreciated areas of risk or where risks have been understated

We look at policy development, risk identification, measurement, and reporting.

Our team looks at investment modelling, stress testing, scenario analysis and other efforts to support thorough and comprehensive assessment and ongoing monitoring of risks.

We recommend and manage the controls

Our team of chief Risk officers look to drive risk avoidance and risk appreciation.

A global network of seasoned and successful C-Suite executives working in a culture of solidarity, where we bring the best people together to support the task efficiently and optimize time and cost. We get the job done effectively by assembling our team on core capability and competency to your objective