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Fund Administration And Accounting Services

Fund Administration is the outsourcing of the fund valuation activities to a third party to both protect the investors and reduce the expense ratio on the fund

How we help:

Our partners manage all operational aspects of the fund:

  • Daily, weekly and monthly Net asset Value calculation (NAV)
  • Calculation of the income and expense accruals.
  • Daily, weekly monthly pricing of securities at current market value
  • Financial reporting and statement preparation for the auditors
  • Opening of bank accounts
  • Shareholders reporting
  • Reconciliation of the broker, custodian, bank and investment manager statements
  • Payment of fund expenses
  • Identify and capture Corporate Actions
  • Settlement of daily purchases and sales of securities, ensuring collection of dividends and interests
  • 4 eyes review and sign off.
  • Maintain securities master file
  • Compliance, AML, KYC monitoring and reporting
  • Calculation and payment of dividends and distributions to the transfer agent
  • Pricing the portfolio of the fund
  • Performance and equalization  calculations

Shareholder and Investor Services

Shareholder / Investor Services / Transfer Agency is a third party that engages with the fund to manage and liaise with the investors to the fund

How we help:

Our partners manage all operational aspects of Shareholder Services: 

  • Manage all Subscription and Redemptions
  • Manage full share register and deal processing in accordance with governing documents.
  • Review subscription and redemption documents
  • Communication and confirmation of all dealing information to underlying investor.
  • Reporting of Net Asset Values, partnership values and fund performance to investors.
  • Timely response to investor queries and requests.

Compliance and Regulatory Investor Services:

  • AML/KYC verifications
  • FATCA and CRS reporting
  • AML regulatory updates
  • Risk Screening

Cash Management

We offer full cash management services on behalf of our clients executing on money movements 

How we help:

Our partners manage all operational aspects of cash management:

  • Complete control around cash management cycle including Subscription, Redemption, and Transfer processing.
  • Payment of standard non-trading related payments within agreed cash payment procedures.
  • Maintenance and communication of authorised signatory list.

Risk Reporting

We offer full outsourced Risk Management and Reporting for our clients for both regulatory and investor requirements

How we help:

Our partners manage all operational aspects of risk reporting and management:

  • RISK MANAGER – We offer clients a risk manager, through outsourcing that fits the minimum requirements of regulations or pure value-added service.
  • RISK SUPPORT – We offer support to a client’s risk manager with the day-to-day tasks of measuring and monitoring the risk exposures.
  • RISK REPORT – We provide daily, weekly and/or monthly  reports on the major risk exposures (including but not limited to VaR, leverage monitoring, scenario analyses and stress-testing, liquidity risk, counterparty risk, performance and risk attribution analysis etc.).
  • RISK ADVISORY – Independent risk management consulting offering advice and assistance to our clients on area of risk identified.

FX Services

Through our strategic partnership with global recognised non-Bank FX desks we offer cost effective FX solutions

How we help:

Our preferred partners provide our clients with superior FX rates, reducing hedging, multi-currency shareclass and transaction cost: 

  • Superior account opening turnaround times
  • Benefit from NexGen360 strong global relationship
  • Same day trading capabilities for spot, forwards and options
  • Live quotes on all major currency pairs
  • Live trading platform for executable live prices on spot and forwards out to a year
  • 24/7 Live Dealing Desk support

Fund Liquidation Services

Our team of Fund Liquidation experts help you at a time when focus and accuracy are paramount to the fund wind down 

How we help:


3 step process

  1. Fund Closure preparation
    • Timeline factor to assets
    • Review of Fund Documentation
    • Return of capital method
    • Investor communications
  2. Activating the winddown process
    • Budget preparation
    • Key Stakeholder – Management team, investors and co-investors
    • Liquidating positions Liquid and Illiquid
    • Service Provider termination.
  3. Disolving Fund and Fund Entities
    • Closing out Fund Liabilities
    • Audit and Tax Implications
    • Manager windown
    • Withdraw of SEC registrations
Voluntary liquidation and striking off of a Cayman Islands exempted company
  1. Meeting to agree and decide the liquidation of the entity
  2. Appointment of Liquidator
    • winding up notice
    • the liquidator’s consent to act, and
    • directors’ declaration of solvency.
  1. Timing
    • 3 months from decision

Corporate Services

We provide full offshore corporate secretarial services covering: company incorporation registered offices and more

How we help:

  • Full set up and incorporation of Cayman and BVI companies – including exempted, foreign, Special Economic Zone, ordinary (local) companies, segregated portfolio and non-resident companies and companies limited by guarantee. We can also assist clients with formation of a Limited Partnership or an Exempted Limited Partnership.
  • Provision of Corporate Secretarial Services.
  • Registered Office
  • Registered Agent
  • In Cayman – AMLRO, DMLRO and AMLCO appointees of natural person.
  • Compliance Manual and other regulatory requirements


Online Client portal - VDR

With our strategic partner we give you the ability to create your own client login portal and APP. Keep your investors with you.

How we help:

  • We have partnered with a global provider of secure encrypted virtual datarooms (VDR)
  • Giving your client access to a secure online client portal and mobil app.
  • Upload secure daily, monthly monthly investor statements
  • Mobilize your investors with the “always on” client access via an APP
  • Own the UX

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