Build a Fund

A customized sequential approach to launch a fund. Our team at Nexgen360 guide you through the entire AtoZ looking at key criteria to build, optimize and grow the fund

The fund market place

Fund Domcile

Consider the location for the incorporation of the fund and the tax residency of the target Investors. Onshore - Offshore - Europe - ASIA

Fund Law

Decide what sort of Fund Law best suits the target investors and the activity of the fund. Hedge Fund, Mutual Fund, Private Equity along with the valuation principles and distribution

Fund Structure

Consider the optimal fund structure to attract in allocators to best fit their investment needs. examples include: Master Fund, Mini- Master, Master Feeder, Open / Closed, SPV . SPC, Parallel and others fund structures

Service Provider Selection

A key component in how you set up will dictate how you grow. We have a global network of highly credible service providers to help you gain the edge looking at Fund Administrators, Auditors, Custody, Prime Brokers and Legal.

Digital Transformation Hub

Develop your identity. Brand, Logo, Website, Pitch book, Fund factsheet. Adopted the digital age and influence your audience

Financial technology

Identify the best fit OMS (Order Management), PMS (Portfolio Management), EMS (Execution Management), Compliance dashboard, Risk Management, Business Continuity plans, Cloud technology, Cyber Security and more......

Financial Data

Where to source the key financial data to drive your investment thesis: Bloomberg, Rifintiv,FTID, Eagle Alpha and more.

Research​​ and Budget

We create a full Total Expense Ratio calculation to accurately help you be prepared and budget for the full running cost of the Investment Management team and the fund. TER (Total Expense Ratio)

Marketing Plan

Build out your full sales and marketing strategy of how to win investor attention. Be in the right place at the right time. Be efficient and optimize your time allocation

Asset Manager CRM

Start growing, managing, nurturing and developing your investor base and prospects. In a seamless organized and efficient way. Our HedgeFund Workflow CRM platform supports you in maximizing your efforts. Powered by a $13B market Cap firm. Join the evolution

Gaining Allocation and Raising capital

We have a network of UHNI, Family Offices, Institutional Capital and 1st Loss allocators. If you are prepared we can help connect you with our strategic partners globally

A global network of seasoned and successful C-Suite executives working in a culture of solidarity, where we bring the best people together to support the task efficiently and optimize time and cost. We get the job done effectively by assembling our team on core capability and competency to your objective